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AlphaHost is a hosting company out of Riga, Latvia that says they have been in business since 2001 but after doing a little investigation, I can only confirm their site has been online since 2011. AlphaHost offers the following hosting services Shared Hosting, VPS/VDS, Dedicated Servers, and Cloud services, they also sell domains.

AlphaHost servers use SSD hard drives and offer SSL, below are details on the shared hosting plans

3 GB Disk Space10 GB Disk Space30 GB Disk Space
1 Domain3 Domain10 Domain
5 Subdomains15 Subdomains50 Subdomains
Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Mailboxes 20Mailboxes 60Mailboxes 200
Webmail ✔️Webmail ✔️Webmail ✔️
Antispam Protection ✔️Antispam Protection ✔️Antispam Protection ✔️
Autoresponder and forwarding Antispam Protection ✔️Autoresponder and forwarding Antispam Protection ✔️Autoresponder and forwarding Antispam Protection ✔️
Mysql Database
(with phpMyAdmin)
Mysql Database
(with phpMyAdmin)
Mysql Database
(with phpMyAdmin)
# of Databases 1# of Databases 3# of Databases 10
Ftp Accounts 3Ftp Accounts 9Ftp Accounts 30
FTP and FTP-SSL (TLS) accessFTP and FTP-SSL (TLS) accessFTP and FTP-SSL (TLS) access
SecureFTP over SSH
Package Installer
(install Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB2 with just a few clicks)
Package Installer
(install Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB2 with just a few clicks)
Package Installer
(install Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB2 with just a few clicks)
(with Zend Optimizer and ionCube)
(with Zend Optimizer and ionCube)
(with Zend Optimizer and ionCube)
Scheduled Tasks (CronJobs)Scheduled Tasks (CronJobs)
Web Statistics (Webalizer)Web Statistics (Webalizer)Web Statistics (Webalizer)
Daily BackupDaily BackupDaily Backup
DNS ManagementDNS ManagementDNS Management
SSH Access
6 months prepaid $4.51/month6 months prepaid $9.01/month
1 year prepaid $1.97/month1 year prepaid $3.94/month1 year prepaid $7.89/month
2 year prepaid $1.41/month2 year prepaid $2.82/month2 year prepaid $5.63/month
Free SetupFree SetupFree Setup
Free MigrationFree MigrationFree Migration

AlphaHost Virtual Private Server Pricing examples are below.

VPS Level 1VPS Level 2 VPS Level 2VPS Level 3
CPU Limit1 core2 core3 core4 core
Hard Disk Space30GB60GB120GB250GB
Price paying monthly$14.10/month $21.11/month$35.21/month$56.34/month
Price Prepaid every 6 months$11.27/month$16.90/month$28.17/month$45.07/month
Price Prepaid every year$9.86/month$14.79/month$24.65/month$39.44/month
Price Prepaid every 2 years$7.04/month$10.56/month$17.61/month$28.17/month
Setup feeFreeFreeFreeFree

AlphaHost offers you modern VPS/VDS hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) – a service where the user is provided with a so-called virtual dedicated server. In terms of management of the operating system for the most part it corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root-access, its own IP addresses, ports, filtering rules.

Inside the virtual server, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones, the owner of the VPS can delete, add, modify any file, including files in the root and other service directories, and install custom applications or customize/modify any software application available to it.

Ordering the VPS service you get:

  • Guaranteed amount of resources (memory, processor time, disk space).
  • Full control over the server (root access)
  • Ability to configure any system parameters and applications.
  • The ability to install your version of system libraries or modify existing ones.
  • Ability to install any software.
  • Your own IP-addresses
  • Capability to create your own Web, Mail, FTP, as well as Game Servers.

VPS service is ideal for creating online stores, gaming markets, as well as any Internet service required to run non-standard software on the server. uses virtualization technology KVM. KVM is a cutting-edge technology on the market of virtual servers. Unlike other technologies, KVM guarantees the selection of resources and does not allow the use of overselling. I.e. if the physical server has 8GB RAM, clients will allocate only 8 virtual servers 1GB RAM each. Same with the disk space.

In addition, KVM allows your VPS to use all available CPU resources at a time, but not less than the minimum guaranteed for your service plan.

All physical servers used to create VPS have Intel quad-core processors, as well as Raid1 array (2 mirrored hard drives) in order to provide the client’s data safety storage.

The following operating systems may be installed on Virtual Dedicated Server at your option:

  • Linux Debian
  • Linux CentOS(installed by default with cPanel or ISPManager)
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

* All prices on this page include VAT(21%). VAT applies to orders made from Latvia. The same applies to orders made from the EU unless a valid EU VAT registration number is supplied.

Some other Stats provided by SemRush that might interest you about AlphaHost they have 0 backlinks from 0 different referring domains, They have an Authority Score of 0 which is as bad as it gets, 50% of their organic search traffic comes from The Netherlands while 40% comes from the U.S.A. 10% from Russia and 0.1% from other countries. The majority of AlphaHost‘s search engine traffic comes from the Following keywords below.

  1. Alpha Hosting Webmail
  2. Alphahost
  3. Assign a domain name to an IP address
  4. How to reset joomla password
  5. How do you assign a domain name

Some details about the speed of the host, now these may not be the same speeds you’ll get since first it will depend on the services you buy, your website design, size of images/videos, etc.. also the host may or may not be using a faster server to host their hosting sales page at any rate here is the speed information tested on there front page.

GTmetrix – gives them an E grade with 583% Performance and 72% Structure tested from Vancouver, Canada.

Pingdom – gives AlphaHost a C grade of 78 tested from London, United Kingdom.

Page Speed Insights – gives their Cell phone page speed a 47 and a 72 for Desktops.

Dotcom Tools gives the following –

LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadDOM CompletePage Size
Tel-AvivSlow4.22 s4.15 s 476 KB
AmsterdamSlow2.91 s2.79 s476 KB
MontrealSlow19.09 s19.05 s476 KB
Hong KongSlow5.56 s5.46 s476 KB
MiamiSlow4.20 s4.12 s476 KB
VERY SLOW7.20 s7.11 s

Site Checker – gives them 43 out of 100 with a load time of 5.54 seconds For Mobile Phones and 67 out of 100 for Desktop loading in 1.53 seconds tested from Riga, Latvia.

More test results are listed below –

Test from Montreal
Total Time1744 ms
Resolve Time298 ms
Connection Time129 ms
Download Time137 ms
IP Address159.148.27.2
Total size21 kB (20,732 bytes)
Status200 OK
DateSat, 26 Feb 2022 03:54:12 GMT
ServerApache/2.2.22 (Debian)
Set-Cookie889ebbfb67b437297afd2a178223b0cc=1tdi8b5fjongj3te934i48jqq0; path=/; secure; HttpOnly,67b2ee48cd5199308be5f68297bc48bf=en-GB; expires=Sun, 26-Feb-2023 03:54:12 GMT; path=/; secure
ExpiresMon, 1 Jan 2001 00:00:00 GMT
Last-ModifiedSat, 26 Feb 2022 03:54:12 GMT
Cache-Controlno-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0
Keep-Alivetimeout=5, max=100
Content-Typetext/html; charset=utf-8

The Conclusion is looking like they have decent hardware and the pricing won’t break the bank and they speak at least 3 languages so check them out if what you see above looks like they are worth it.

If you are a current or past client of Alpha Host please add a review to help others decide if it is worth their time to check out Alpha Host.

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