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AcuGIS is a company from Wilmington, Deleware their main products are PostGIS Hosting, GeoServer Hosting, Lizmap, and AcuGIS Hosting they claim to host government sites like NATO, U.S. Department of the Interior, research institutions, universities, and business in over 70 countries worldwide. AcuGIS offers 24x7x365 Support.

PostGIS pricing starts out at $19.00 a month using SSD hard drives and offers the choice to be hosted from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or Singapore, with no contract and a 14-day money-back guarantee and continuous backups, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, PgRouting, etc. Decent pricing and hardware.

GeoServers start out at $25.00 a month everything you need for your services/apps that require GEO locating but it is definitely not cheap in fact this service is pretty pricey they use SSD and Apache pretty much everything that PostGIS offers with a few extras on the software I would recommend to the owners of this company to lower the pricing some and changing regular SSD to NVMe hard drives and LiteSpeed/LSCache rather then apache for a speed boost and add a few things for security the minimum I would recommend would be Imunify360, and CDN ready integration but this is just me.

AcuGIS hosting starts out at $75.00 and again like above a few tweaks in the software but pretty much all around same hardware but again very pricey and I would recommend updating hardware, software, and pricing again this is just my 2 cents.

Some other Stats provided by SemRush that might interest you about AcuGIS they have 4K backlinks from 466 different referring domains, They have an Authority Score of 38 which is quite pretty good for a host, 40% of their organic search traffic comes from The United States while 14% comes from France 13% from Russia, 4.9% from the United Kingdom and 28% from other countries. The majority of AcuGIS search engine traffic comes from the Following keywords below.

  1. Postgis Hosting
  2. Raster2pgsql gui
  3. Hosted Postgis
  4. SLD Style Generator
  5. Geoserver Hosting

Some details about the speed of the host, now these may not be the same speeds you’ll get since first it will depend on the services you buy, your website design, size of images/videos, etc.. also the host may or may not be using a faster server to host their hosting sales page at any rate here is the speed information tested on there front page.

GTmetrix – gives them an A grade with 95% Performance and 79% Structure tested from Vancouver, Canada.

GTmetrix Performance MetricsSpeed/score
First Contentful Paint – good user experience is 0.9 s or less727 ms
Speed Index – good user experience is 1.3 s or less1.1 s
Largest Contentful Paint – good user experience is 1.2 s or less891 ms
Time To Interactive – good user experience is 2.5 s or less1.2 s
Total Blocking Time – good user experience is 150 ms or less46 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift – good user experience is a score of 0.1 s or less0.14

Pingdom – gives AcuGIS a C grade of 72 with a load time of 488 ms tested from Washington D.C.

Page Speed Insights – gives their Cell phone page speed a 55 and an 84 for Desktops.

PSI MetricsCell Phone SpeedsDeskTop Speeds
First Contentful Paint3.8 s1.2 s
Speed Index6.9 s3.3 s
Largest Contentful Paint6.1 s1.2 s
Time To Interactive6.6 s1.8 s
Total Blocking Time100 ms20 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0.1560.115

Dotcom Tools gives the following –

LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadDOM CompletePage Size
Tel-AvivSlow4.05 s3.97 s 1.0 MB
AmsterdamAverage2.52 s2.42 s1.0 MB
MontrealFast1.11 s1.05 s1.0 MB
Hong KongSlow6.57 s6.48 s1.0 MB
MiamiAverage2.29 s2.20 s1.0 MB
3.31 s3.22 s

Site Checker – gives them 55 out of a100 with a load time of 6.84 seconds tested from Phoenix, Arizona.

Examples of pricing and services are offered below.

Complete GeoServer Hosting
 GeoServer 1 GeoServer 2 GeoServer 3
$25 /month$35 /month$50 /month
Choice of USA, UK, DE, or SG 
SSD Disk 10 GB25 GB50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB2 TB4 TB
Dedicated Memory 128 MB256 MB512 MB
GeoServer Latest 
PostgreSQL 10, 11, 12, or 13 
PostGIS Latest 
Pg Routing Latest 
cPanel Control Panel 
Remote Access 
Unlimited Domains 
Unlimited Email Accounts 
PhpPgAdmin and phpMyAdmin 
PostgreSQL Studio 
PgAdmin IV Access 
shp2pgsql GUI 
raster2pgsql GUI 
PostgreSQL Extensions 
Database Snapshots and Clones 
24×7 Support 
One-Click App Installer 
SSH Access 
NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python 
FTP Access 
Apache and MySQL 
Continuous Backups 
99.99% SLA 
No Minimum Contract 
14 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

If you are a current or past client of AcuGIS please add a review to help others decide if it is worth their time to check out AcuGIS.

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