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99Stack Cloud has been in business since 2016, founded in the deep forest of Varmland, Sweden, their first data center and the office is in Karlstad, Sweden specializing in KVM virtual machines fast forward a few years to the present day and they have expanded to new data centers all over the world. They claim to take security and privacy very seriously, they claim to be a green host buying energy from clean energy suppliers and claim to support free speech so if these issues are important to you these guys might be the host your looking for.

99Stack Cloud keeps things decentralized by hosting out of 70+ independent data centers in the following areas,

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Cloud infrastructure built for the European continent, with low latency and high bandwidth caps. Strategically located in 6 different countries.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Amsterdam, Netherlands (4)

Paris, France (1)

Frankfurt, Germany (5)

London, England (5)

Madrid, Spain (2)

Stockholm, Sweden (1)

Borden, Sweden (1)

Warsaw, Poland (2)

Helsinki, Finland (2)

Zurich, Switzerland (1)

Geneva, Switzerland (1)

Dublin, Ireland (1)


Built to provide low latency for your clients across Asia, with generous bandwidth caps. Data centers are strategically located in 5 different countries.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Seoul, South Korea (1)

Tokyo, Japan (3)

Singapore (4)

Bangalore, India (1)

Mumbai, India (1)

Clark, Philippines (1)

Manila, Philippines (2)

North America

Low-priced starter instances designed for clients within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Strategically located in 15 different states and Canada.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Atlanta, Georgia, United States (2)

Dallas, Texas, United States (2)

New Jersey, United States (1)

Los Angeles, California, United States (1)

Miami, Florida, United States (1)

Chicago, Illinois, United States (2)

Seattle, Washington, United States (1)

Silicon Valley, California, United States (1)

New York, United States (4)

San Francisco, California, United States (3)

Fremont, California, United States (1)

Newark, New Jersey, United States (1)

San Jose, California, United States (2)

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States (1)

Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States (1)

Mexico City, Mexico (1)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (3)

South America

Optimized SSD VPS instances with low latency and high bandwidth caps for the South American market. Strategically placed across the continent.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Sao Paulo, Brazil (1)

Middle East

Low latency and enterprise hardware for your clients in the Middle East and Africa. Strategically placed to serve nearby areas.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia (1)


Optimized SSD VPS instances with low latency and high bandwidth caps for the Australian market. Strategically placed across the continent.

Public cloudPrivate cloud

Sydney, New Wales, Australia (3)

Perth, Western Australia, Australia ( 1)

From their site, I see they use SSD and NVMe which is good as far as pricing goes they aren’t cheap but looks like they have some good servers and probably pretty fast not much info at all on what sort of software they are using, they offer shared cloud hosting and from what I see have grown as a hosting company pretty fast.

Some other Stats provided by SemRush that might interest you about 99Stack Cloud they have 1.8K backlinks from 104 different referring domains, They have an Authority Score of 21 which is not bad but also not great, 69% of their organic search traffic comes from Australia while 31% comes from the U.S.A. 0.1% from The UK, 0.1% the Netherlands and 0.1% from other countries. The majority of their search engine traffic comes from the word 99stack Hosting.

Other keywords used to get to 99Stack Cloud are listed below.

  1. Mailgun SMTP Relay
  2. Saltzer and Schroeder 1975
  3. CDN Video HostingVPS Hourly Billing
  4. AhcdnGen4 VPS Linux 2 CPU

Some details about the speed of the host, now these may not be the same speeds you’ll get since first it will depend on the services you buy, your website design, size of images/videos, etc.. also the host may or may not be using a faster server to host their hosting sales page at any rate here is the speed information tested on there front page.

GTmetrix – gives them a D grade with 51% Performance and 87% Structure tested from Vancouver, Canada.

Pingdom – gives 99Stack Cloud a B grade of 89 tested from London, United Kingdom.

Page Speed Insights – gives their Cell phone page speed a 68 so a D here and a 92 for Desktops.

Dotcom Tools gives the following –

LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadDOM CompletePage Size
Tel-AvivAverage2.77 s2.66 s 789 KB
AmsterdamFast0.97 s0.83 s791 KB
MontrealAverage2.68 s2.54 s780 KB
Hong KongSlow5.73 s5.58 s781 KB
MiamiSlow2.85 s2.77 s783 KB
3.00 s2.88 s

Site Checker – gives them 74 out of a100 with a load time of 4.09 seconds tested from Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are a current or past client of 99Stack Cloud please add a review to help others decide if it is worth their time to check out 99Stack Cloud.

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