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961Host has been around since 2013 so they are not old school but they are not the new kids on the block either they have been around long enough to have made either a bad or a good impression online. like many hosting companies says that they got their start because of the problems they had hosting with other companies when they started building sites online so they decided to start their own host. Review

This company only offers shared hosting has some real good bonus’s on their servers they have decent pricing and good hardware so since this company does not offer a lot of services there really isn’t much for me to say except this looks like a host to look into if you are looking for a new host or looking to switch host, a little about there services they use cPanel, LiteSpeed, SSL, Multiple PHP Versions, Pure SSD, Raid10, LiteSpeed Cache, Jetbackup Full Solution, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 Support, OS updates, Managed Security, Remote Backups, CDN, Linux. The conclusion is very good hardware and software.

961Host will suspend your account if you are 14 days overdue on the owed payment, cancelation should be sent to billing at least 3 days before the due date and incurs a $15 charge and there are a lot of other rules you should read about like always I recommend investigation a host and always reading the hosts terms, Site categories not allowed are the following.

  • Nulled Scripts
  • Pornography
  • Illegal Torrents
  • Public Proxy servers/VPN
  • SPAM
  • TOR
  • Phishing Pages
  • Slowloris Scripts
  • Source or Target of DoS attacks
  • CPU Wasting Scripts Such as Bitcoin mining and/or Runescape bots
  • BOTNET ,Money Making Scripts ( BOTNET Auto Money Making )
Pure SSD Hard Drive Space2 GB SSD Disk Quota5 GB SSD Disk Quota10 GB SSD Disk Quota
Unlimited Bandwidth
Emails3 Max Email Accounts10 Max Email AccountsUnlimited Email Accounts
SQL Databases1 Max SQL Databases3 Max SQL DatabasesUnlimited SQL Databases
Free SSL Encryption
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Free Domain Name
24/7 Full Support
Multiple PHP Versions
Remote Backups
Managed Security
LiteSpeed/LiteSpeed Cache
JetBackup Full Solution
Pricing Per Month
Prepaid per Year
Prepaid for 2 years
No discounts for paying in advance so unless you just don’t want to worry about monthly payment don’t see a reason to prepay.

Some other Stats provided by SemRush that might interest you about 961Host have 417 backlinks from 28 different referring domains, They have an Authority Score of 11 which is quite Not good. The majority of 961Host‘s search engine traffic comes from the Following keywords below.

  1. Ioncube Encryption

Some details about the speed of the host, now these may not be the same speeds you’ll get since first it will depend on the services you buy, your website design, size of images/videos, etc.. also the host may or may not be using a faster server to host their hosting sales page at any rate here is the speed information tested on there front page.

GTmetrix – gives them an F grade with 18% Performance and 82% Structure tested from Vancouver, Canada.

Pingdom – gives 961Host a D grade of 70 tested from London, United Kingdom.

Page Speed Insights – gives their Cell phone page speed a 44 and an 81 for Desktops.

Dotcom Tools gives the following –

LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadDOM CompletePage Size
Tel-AvivSlow68.26 s68.16 s 1.1 MB
AmsterdamSlow66.45 s66.36 s1.1 MB
MontrealSlow79.26 s79.16 s1.1 MB
Hong KongSlow8.10 s8.00 s1.1 MB
MiamiSlow5.35 s5.22 s1.1 MB
EXTREMELY SLOW45.48 s45.38 s

Site Checker – gives them 45 out of 100 with a load time of 9.91 seconds For Mobile Phones and 88 out of 100 for Desktop loading in 0.81 seconds tested from London, United Kingdom.

More test results are listed below –

Test from Prague
Total Time30068 ms
Resolve TimeError ms
Connection TimeError ms
Download Time30021 ms
IP Address77.72.0.86

961Host accepts Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, and Paypal for payments. 961Host has 3 social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. If you are a current or past client of 961Host please add a review to help others decide if it is worth their time to check out 961Host.

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