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1 USD Hosting Review



1usd hosting is not to be confused with 1 USD host or 1 dollar Web Hosting, they have an about page which is not easy to find, and once you do find it there is nothing about the company (RED FLAG) sorry about this if you are the owner of this company but I personally like to know about the company I pay for services this, however, is only my opinion and I will gladly update this post if this is changed.

1usd hosting has a contact email but not a contact phone number at least not one I can find this is another (RED FLAG) They offer Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers using SSD drives but I am not going into their pricing or any other details as long as I can’t get more details about them so I personally would steer clear of these guys, for now, I will contact them in the hope that they fix there site and in that case, I would be happy to change this post.

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Some other Stats provided by SemRush that might interest you about 1usd hosting they have 1.9K backlinks from 180 different referring domains, They have an Authority Score of 11 which is pretty bad, 4.9% of their organic search traffic comes from Brazil while 4.9% comes from Hungary 3.9% from Spain, 2.1% Indonesia and 84% from other countries. The majority of their search engine traffic comes from the words 1 Dollar VPS and 1 USD Hosting.

Some details about the speed of the host, now these may not be the same speeds you’ll get since first it will depend on the services you buy, your website design, size of images/videos, etc.. also the host may or may not be using a faster server to host their hosting sales page at any rate here is the speed information tested on there front page.

GTmetrix – gives them an A grade with 96% Performance and 91% Structure tested from Vancouver, Canada.

GTmetrix Performance MetricsSpeed/score
First Contentful Paint – good user experience is 0.9 s or less895 ms
Speed Index – good user experience is 1.3 s or less1.6 s
Largest Contentful Paint – good user experience is 1.2 s or less896 ms
Time To Interactive – good user experience is 2.5 s or less944 ms
Total Blocking Time – good user experience is 150 ms or less0 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift – good user experience is a score of 0.1 s or less0

Pingdom – gives 1usd hosting a B grade of 87 with a load time of 1.57 tested from Frankfurt, Germany.

Page Speed Insights – gives their Cell phone page speed a 72 and a 97 for Desktops.

PSI MetricsCell Phone SpeedsDeskTop Speeds
First Contentful Paint2.8 s0.8 s
Speed Index4.4 s1.1 s
Largest Contentful Paint4.9 s1.1 s
Time To Interactive4.8 s1.1 s
Total Blocking Time150 ms0 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0220

Dotcom Tools gives the following –

LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadDOM CompletePage Size
Tel-AvivSlow2.99 s2.89 s 769 KB
AmsterdamAverage2.01 s1.92 s769 KB
MontrealFast0.65 s549 ms769 KB
Hong KongTimeoutTimeoutTimeoutTimeout
MiamiFast1.36 s1.25 s769 KB
FAST1.75 s1.65 s

Site Checker – gives them 74 out of 100 with a load time of 3.39 seconds For Mobile Phones and 74 out of 100 for Desktop loading in 1.89 seconds tested from Latham.

More test results are listed below –

Test from Frankfurt
Total Time759 ms
Resolve Time83 ms
Connection Time80 ms
Download Time596 ms
IP Address198.48.51.235
Total size38 kB (38,491 bytes)
Status200 OK
DateWed, 02 Mar 2022 07:05:45 GMT
ConnectionUpgrade, Keep-Alive
Last-ModifiedFri, 13 Mar 2020 04:09:46 GMT
VaryAccept-Encoding, User-Agent
Keep-Alivetimeout=5, max=20

Example pricing and services that they offer are below:

Package Hosting 1 Year

 1 monthly average

  •  Host 2 Domains
  •  Sub-Domains Unlimited
  •  Disk Space 20 GB SSD
  •  Bandwidth Unlimited
  •  Emails Unlimited
  •  Databases Unlimited
  •  24/7 Support

Package Hosting $5

Now  2 monthly avg.


  •  Host Unlimited Domains
  •  Sub-Domains Unlimited
  •  Disk Space 100 GB SSD
  •  Bandwidth Unlimited
  •  Emails Unlimited
  •  Databases 100
  •  24/7 Support

Hosting Unlimited

 1 monthly average

  •  Host 1 Domain
  •  Sub-Domains Unlimited
  •  Disk Space (mb) Unlimited
  •  Bandwidth (mb) Unlimited
  •  Emails Unlimited
  •  Databases Unlimited
  •  24/7 Support

If you are a current or past client of 1usd hosting please add a review to help others decide if it is worth their time to check out 1usd hosting.

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